At Asher Douglas Nutraceuticals we believe that addictions and many mental health issues are driven by imbalances in the brain.

Many psychotherapists, psychiatrists and addiction counselors are aware of the vital role biochemical and nutrient imbalances play in the etiology and maintenance of substance use and mental health disorders.

However, they often don’t have the resources to effectively approach these issues, without resorting to medication. Very often clients leave treatment on more medication than when they started.

To meet this need, ZATIVEX Amino Acid Therapy was created.

We believe that many of these issues can be effectively addressed without the use of medication, simply by feeding the starving brain, and identifying and actually treating the other underlying biochemical drivers of these disorders.

Asher Douglas Nutraceuticals is currently offering ZATIVEX™ Amino Acid Therapy to mental health and addiction counselors. Providers are able to identify which client symptoms are due to biochemical imbalances, and to either empower their clients with the tools necessary to effectively address their own imbalances using diet changes and over-the counter supplements; or make the appropriate referral.

Whether you’re battling addiction, depression, anxiety, or ADHD, the root cause of your struggle is in the brain.

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers which transmit information throughout the brain. Emotional trauma, addictive drugs, and alcohol damage or destroy those neurotransmitters.

By studying the research of neuroscientists, we discovered the use of targeted amino acids in certain foods naturally repairs and restores damaged neurotransmitters. When you provide the body with the essential nutrients it requires, the brain will heal itself.

This is why targeted amino acid therapy has been so successful for treating specific issues, like addiction, depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It works without the harmful side effects associated with prescription drugs.

Now you can enjoy the same chemical-free, healing benefits. If you’d like to avoid the frightening side effects of prescription drugs, give ZATIVEX™ Amino Acid Therapy a try. You’ll find a natural, nutritional amino acid formula specifically created to help you achieve your healing goals.

Isn’t it time you gave your brain a chance to heal itself?

You’ll be amazed at the results!

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