What is Neurotransmitter Precursor Therapy?

If your clients are struggling with addiction, ADHD, depression, or anxiety, they may have a neurotransmitter imbalance.

 Amino Acid and Fatty Acid products are used to nourish the brain and body to help correct the imbalance gently and naturally.

Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD

ZATIVEX™ Amino Acid Therapy was created to provide  precursors for the formation of neurotransmitters .

Mood Enhancement

PAROXETRIL™ (Magnesium Asporotate, Citrate, Orotate 500mg) is a natural anxiety and mood enhancement formula, designed to work gently and safely.

Focus, Impulse Control

ELEVATRIL™ (Phosphatidylserine 500mg) was created to  improve your ability to focus, control impulses, and learn without becoming fatigued.

The Nexus of Nutrition and Neuroscience

Our Mission

At Asher Douglas Nutraceuticals we believe that addictions and MANY MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES are driven by imbalances in the brain. A stable, well-functioning and well-nourished brain is required for clients to effectively address the emotional, psychological, social and spiritual issues which impact their lives and which need to be worked through for a successful recovery.

Our mission is to enable clinicians, treatment providers and health/recovery coaches to reduce relapse and improve the quality of recovery by using amino acid nutrient therapy and diet to effectively address the biochemical aspects of addiction and mood/behavioral disorders.

Our nutraceuticals are manufactured in the United States in a GMP certified facility. GMP refers to the “Good Manufacturing Practice” regulations enforced by the FDA. Our manufacturer has over 50 years of experience in the nutritional market. They produce vitamins, supplements, and products which are widely used in acupuncture, natural medicine, and alternative medicine clinics, or sold in health food and vitamin stores.

Heal your brain, change your life


We offer a natural alternative to the risky pharmaceuticals commonly prescribed for ADHD, depression, anxiety, and addiction.


Neurotransmitter precursor Therapy and why it works so well.


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